Andrew Bracey's practice hovers on the fringes of painting as it crosses over and expands into installation, sculpture, drawing and animation. He often uses existing sites and the readymade as alternatives to the traditional canvas support for painting, creating tensions between the hand-made and the man-made. Bracey graduated with an MA in fine art in 2001 and has since exhibited widely in the UK and Europe. He is currently a Senior lecturer in fine art at the University of Lincoln and a member of Suite Studio Group in Manchester.

Bracey is intrigued by the visual saturation of contemporary life. Work is often displayed on mass, with hundreds of individual elements combining to create a whole, as a way of interpreting contemporary lifestyle. His work often reflects how society has re-configured ways of viewing and processing mass-information in a variety of contexts, from the Sunday newspaper to walking down the high street.

His practice questions the role of the individual and the crowd within this changing structure, through researching a variety of separate subjects. Recent work has explored Zoology, Cinema and Tegestology.